Why Are Customized holidays The Hot Travel Trend?


The age of the Internet has empowered the consumer. People know they can ask for what they want, and if they don’t get it they can walk. With the Internet they can do their walking with a mouse and survey an entire industry in a matter of minutes. They come armed with information. Consumers don’t feel that they have to accept a pre-packaged standard item off the shelf.

Custom trips, as opposed to off-the-shelf programs shown in brochures and on websites getting more and more popular

No one knows better than the clients themselves what they want.

It is the challenge of the travel agent to lend counsel and expert advice to make sure no clients end up with an itinerary that looks good on paper but is too unworkable to be fun.

The trend toward customization goes hand in hand with the rising interest in special interest themed tours. Where travelers have a specific interest they are building their vacation around, whether it be culinary, adventure, garden tours etc. The growing trend is definitely on a flexible itinerary with a strong theme behind it.

Customizing also guarantees the traveler a unique experience as they were part of creating the itinerary and making decisions as to the type of program, pace, and activity level of their journey. It is the highly experienced skill set of the travel agent to take the custom wish list of a client and make it in to a logistically proper and exciting trip; your wish is our command!